I’ve been debating what to say here in my first blog post.

It seems to be the common concern to say ‘I’ll run out of things to say,’ but those that know me personally will know it’s unlikely that I’ll ever run out of things to say. 🙂  My concern is more ‘Why would anyone want to read what I have to say?’

Discussing blogs in general with my friends over Facebook has been interesting.  The idea of a ‘secret’ blog came up from a couple of people.  One mentioned feeling a bit ‘shy’ at first about writing for all the world to read.  To be honest, I could see either of those as being steps in my process of becoming a blogger – certainly the site is staying private until I feel like I have some content beyond my ‘About’ page.   But I guess when I made the decision to write a blog, the adjective “public” was a part of that.  For me, the only thing secret about a blog, long-term, might be the (real) identity of the author.  (No worries here – I am who I say I am, though I might not give all my identifying details.)

My concern is whether anyone will find what I write to be relevant and/or entertaining.  So then you ask (or I ask myself), does it need to be either one?  Well, I don’t want to write just to exercise my fingers.  I do want to share some thoughts with the world.  I do think that I have some interesting perspectives, and – after giving a talk during one meditation night – I was told that my thoughts / story did resonate for at least a few people.  I’ve been told that I write well.  (We’ll see how many of you agree with that, especially in this new-to-me format.)

So, yeah! I can do this! I want to do this!

Oh – look.  I just wrote my first post.